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More than a helmet, Casky is a personal road safety device for 2 wheels.
It attaches without any connection to the back of any helmet and comes on automatically when braking,
shifting or steering and alerts the rescue when needed.

Drive safely

Stop light is visible all day and night, in all weather conditions.

Real-Time Data Tracking

A user rich, social platform that notifies drivers of road-related dangers, obstacles, and detrimental driving habits

3.0 Proximity

The best addresses nearby: Gas pumps, repairers ...



In case of accident or danger an emergency procedure is triggered

Real time alerts

Alerts family and friend in case of an accident

We like to reward

The more responsible you are, the more you are rewarded

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They support us, trust us and love us!
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Region of Marrakech Région de Marrakech
Marrakech City Hall Mairie de Marrakech
Allianz Allianz
Air France Air France
L'Économiste L'Économiste
Emerging Business Foundation L'Économiste

Founder / CEO

Said Gounane

Co-founder / CIO

Thank you dear Caskys

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